Jody Kamali: Comedian, Actor, Bristolian

A – Z of Backpacking

AZBackLHThe A – Z of Backpacking travel comedy show was premiered at the Edinburgh Festival 2013 performing to over 1,300 people. The show was a total sell – out with up to 100 audience members turned away nightly. The show was aptly performed at the Smart City Hostel, in Edinburgh, which was the perfect setting for a travel comedy show!

As well as comedy, I have a passion for travel. I have gone backpacking to many places around the world on my own and love the freedom of being away in your own environment in a completely different culture. There’s nothing more enjoyable than meeting people away from their own environment as they are much more open and free of their habits at home. Where else can you bump into some on a bus stop, starting chatting and become travel buddies?

Anyway, So… I decided to stick all my years of observations of travellers and turn into a one hour comedy show. The show reminds of one cool hostel….’that’ hostel…’that’ hostel that everybody wants to be at… ‘that’ hostel that’s hard to get into…’that’ hostel you just have to be there, even though the hostel you’re staying is perfectly comfortable but, it’s ‘that’ hostel you want to stay and that’s the A – Z of Backpacking travel comedy show

The show will be next performed in London from the 22nd – 24th October at the Wenlock and Essex, Angel, London at 8pm. Tickets can be purchased at Advance booking is recommended.


Audience a z of backpacking

Audiences doing the STA travel brochure ‘excited fist in the air’ pose.