Jody Kamali: Comedian, Actor, Bristolian

‘An Audience with Dominguez’

First Performed in Edinburgh 2004, Dominguez Popstar was a spoof Latino Popstar from El Salvador who was on a come back. My co-performers were Andy Day (now a Cbeebies presenter) and James Farley. It was the hardest edinburgh ever. probably as it was my first one and was so overwhelmed by the size of it.

We had great reviews and got scouted by MTV, although it was panned by John Flemming who was reviewing for Chortle at the time, who described it as ‘an omlette without an egg.’ We had many years of performing in the basements of pubs and the odd nice theatre. I stopped performing the act in 2006. Here is a spoof music we made Hey Hey Music! directed by my friend David Storr. You can hear some of the songs i wrote here.


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