Jody Kamali: Comedian, Actor, Bristolian

‘Dirty Filthy Rich’

Performed at the Edinburgh Festival 2012. ‘Dirty Filthy Rich’ was based on 2011’s show ‘business coaching for idiots’ but instead I only played characters – Dough Wigan and Guru Michael Sultani and solely focused on ‘making money’.  I again did the Free Festival, performing at the Counting House Ballroom – a huge 100 seater venue with very high ceilings. When the show was packed (usually on a weekend) it rocked and was a lot of fun.

The show was a turning point in my comedy career. I actually got bored of the way I was performing. I stopped enjoying the show and went into autopilot at times. The only character that was fun to play was the ‘guru’ (which now has developed to a fully formed act of its own’) the Guru allowed me to play around and essentially be stupid. The audience always enjoyed this character which at the time I never understood why. There were no funny lines and if they were, they were really stupid – not clever. I left Edinburgh Festival 2011 knowing that I HAD to make changes in the way I perform – what? I did not know. How? I did not know. All I knew was this inner desire and passion to find out why and how I am funny. Me. Not the funny lines. Not the gags. Me. What was it that the audience ‘liked’ about my comedy? Alot of comedy searching began that autumn……
Dirty Filthy Rich

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