Jody Kamali: Comedian, Actor, Bristolian

Edinburgh Fringe

2016 Edinburgh Fringe

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Jody Kamali is the Incredible Man of Mystery

A high-energy, physical comedy show full of visual routines using your everyday household items. Have you ever seen a man marry an ironing board? Who secretly has an affair with a mop? Think David Copperfield meets Ben Stiller. Totally serious and a ridiculously idiotic. Jody has worked with Harry Hill and is currently appearing in the British feature film Golden Years alongside Bernard Hill. ‘An extremely talented comic, and completely, unfathomably ridiculous… completely hilarious’ ***** ( ‘Brilliant, original visual comedy’ (Harry Hill).


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4pm – 4-28th August NOT Wednesdays. SWEET @ Apex Hotel, Grassmarket. 

Photography: Laura Jane Newman

2015 Edinburgh Fringe

Jody Kamali spectacular

Jody Kamali – Spectacular!

Set in the world of the dysfunctional Gorbachev Circus of Wonder, this is a circus like no other as Jody takes you into his playfully silly and imaginative world. Headed up by Animal Tamer The Great Fernando and his array of gifted animals. There’ll be shark attacks and snakebites, vanishing audiences members…and The Man of Mystery who attempts the impossible – juggling plastic bags! There’s even a love story involving an ironing board, which has been deeply moving audiences at the Brighton and Prague Fringes.

The Gorbachev Circus of Wonder is shrouded in mystery. Many of the talented acts have mysteriously disappeared in strange and unusual circumstances. Only three remain.

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Venue: Underbelly Med Quad. Time: 6:45pm Dates: 5th – 31st August (not 19th)


Directorial support: Mick Barnfather

Photography: Laura Jane Newman

Flyer design: Ric Gray

Tech Op at Ed Fringe: The ever so loyal, Iain Miller.

Motivator / Kicker up my ass: My darling Wife Zula.


2014 Edinburgh Fringe

One Man Variety Show flyer

So this is my eighth fringe and this is ONE MAN VARIETY SHOW!

Here is the blurb:

Variety performers and their skills have always captivated Jody Kamali. What if he could be one? But not just one, what if he could be the singer, the juggler, the magician…the, er, vampire? Well, there are no more ‘what ifs?’– the time is now for the paciest physical comedy show you will see on the Fringe: one man, one mission, seven characters.

After sell-out shows in Leicester, Bath and Brighton, Jody Kamali brings One Man Variety Show to the Edinburgh Fringe. An irresistible hour of clowning, character comedy and ludicrous slapstick, in a modern take on Vaudeville and Variety

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Venue: Laughing Horse @ Espionage 31st Jul – 24th August 3:45pm FREE (Donations on Exit)

Directed by Aitor Basauri

PR: Julian Hall @ Textual Healing :

Set support: Martin Soan

Costume Support: Joanna Mackenthum

Photography: Laura Jane Newman

Flyer design: Ric Gray