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Edinburgh Fringe Millionaire Winners

In every one of my ‘Dirty Filthy Rich’ shows, during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe,  someone will be made a millionnaire!

Here are the list of Edinburgh Fringe Millionaire Winners so far:   (updated on a daily basis)

 Day 1: ‘Gary’

edinburgh winner

He loves it

Day 2: ‘Steve ‘

millionaire winner

Day 3: ‘Abbey’

millionaire edinburgh

Edinburgh’s first 8 year old millionaire

Day 4: ‘Mike ‘

millionaire 3

Loaded and happy. Good lad.

 Day 5: ‘Iona’

millioanaire winner show 5

A very happy Lassie

Day 6: ‘Hannah’

Hannah - million Pound winner

She’s got gold!

 Day 7: ‘Craig’s friend’

Craig's friend aka a millionaire

He’s so rich, he cried.

Day 8: ‘Luke’

Millionaire luke

This lad’s got some serious cash to play with.

Show 9: ‘poppy’


will be spending her money on her grandchild – bless

Show 10: ‘Paul’

paul the millionaire

A lad with true entrepreneurial spirit.

Show 11 winner: ‘Mira’

cheese investment

Show 12 winner: ‘Pauline’

Millionaire Grandma

 Show 13 winner: ‘Ruth’

Happy winner

Will spend her cash on hiring a cleaner.

show 14: ‘Rocky’


Will spend his money on “getting pissed”

Show 15: ‘Adam’


Will spend part of his cash on a spit roast. bless

 Show 16: ‘John’

winner john

Happy as Larry. good lad.

       Show 17:

winner show 18

Will be spending his cash in Poundland.

Show 18: ‘Barry’

Millionaire winner

So chuffed – he’s gonna spend his cash on a new lawnmower. good lad

Show 19: ‘Marco’

millionaire winner

Will spend his cash on booze, ladies and fast cars. Nice work.

Show 20: ‘John’

John the bag pipe player

Will spend his well-earned cash on bag pipes and Bells whisky

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