Jody Kamali: Comedian, Actor, Bristolian

My legal battle with the yanks! ahhh!


Letters are boring these days. They usually are  just bills, bills and an invitation to donate £3  per month to sponsor little Habib in Somalia. The letter I received was no ordinary letter………. I shall explain………My Edinburgh Festival poster, for my show ‘Jody Kamali’s Business Coaching for Idiots’, which  features a pastiche of Wiley’s famous “For Dummies” series of books, was commended by popular marketing and media website, The Drum, which receives 100,000 hits per month. I recently received a heavy 3 page letter from the lawyers from Wiley’s in the states, saying I should ‘cease and desist’ my show with immediate effect. I thought it was a wind up or some kind of spam! Suing in the states is as popular as american football, so I was obviously worried.

The weird thing was that they found my email address AND my home address! How? what the f? Did they one of their private investigators watching me! I thought this was over the top as clearly my show is not a way of profiting from their branding and more importantly has nothing to do with what they do..i mean, i don’t sell ‘how to’ guides… emails went back and forth and said I would change the branding but I insisted i keep the name –  which they wanted me to change! i refused bluntly as this was getting ridiculous now… eventually they agreed and it appears I wont be sued for 1 million dollars! So if you see two posters at the edinburgh festival this year, for the same show….that’s mine.


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