Jody Kamali: Comedian, Actor, Bristolian


Performed at the Edinburgh Festival 2013. Livewire was a real personal breakthrough show for me. It was to say the least, very experimental, and I had a lot of fun with the journey of this show. During most of early 2013, I had been involved in lots of clown workshops which completely changed the way […]

‘The A – Z of Backpacking’

Performed at the Edinburgh Festival 2013. This show was an unexpected success. It was packed every night and on weekends, I was turning away up to 150 people! The show was a 2nd show to my main show ‘Livewire’ – I never put as much effort in as Livewire. I wrote the show two weeks […]

Dirty Filthy Rich

‘Dirty Filthy Rich’

Performed at the Edinburgh Festival 2012. ‘Dirty Filthy Rich’ was based on 2011’s show ‘business coaching for idiots’ but instead I only played characters – Dough Wigan and Guru Michael Sultani and solely focused on ‘making money’.  I again did the Free Festival, performing at the Counting House Ballroom – a huge 100 seater venue […]

‘Business Coaching for Idiots’

‘Top 5 free shows’ The List. Performed at the Edinburgh Festival 2011 and part of the Laughing Horse Free Fringe. A multi-character show of ridiculous ways to succeed in the workplace. This was my first experience of doing a free show, which meant I had lots of packed houses in the 120 seater venue at […]

‘Terry’s Bristolian Language Lessons DVD’

Filmed and released in 2010. This low budget, self-funded DVD,  featured lots of local talent, including students at SWADA, character comic Zahra Barri and my good friend and Shakespearian actor, David Davies. This was/is a hit amongst people of Bristol and the west country. Its even been used by English teachers at various universities around the […]

‘Terry’s Gert Lush Guide to Bristol DVD’

Filmed and released in 2009. This feature length mocumentry  was self-funded and based on the success of my You Tube character ‘Terry the Odd Job Man’ which has a significant cult following in Bristol and around the world. Filmed on a micro-budget and many favours, “Terry” guides you around Bristol and shows many parts you […]

‘Jody Kamali: Bristolian / Iranian’

Performed in various venues throughout 2009. Part Stand up / Part character comedy, this was my story of growing up with a Bristolian Mother and Iranian Father. It was an incredibly personal and a fantastic experience.   The show was initially written for The Edinburgh Iranian Festival, which took place in february 2009 and it […]

‘Jody Kamali: Backpacker 2’

Performed at Edinburgh Festival 2008. This multi-character show was based on the success of the 2007 Backpacker show. It was was based on my travels to India and included all of my observations and experiences. I didn’t stay in a hostel this time round and had the comfort of my own room, without being woken […]

‘Jody Kamali: Backpacker’

‘Top 100 shows to see at the Edinburgh Fringe’ Sunday Times. Performed at Edinburgh Festival 2007. A total sell-out. A multi-character show based on my travel experiences in Latin America in 2006. All the characters were based on real people and explored their tragedy of why they were running away from their respective countries. I […]

‘An Audience with Dominguez’

First Performed in Edinburgh 2004, Dominguez Popstar was a spoof Latino Popstar from El Salvador who was on a come back. My co-performers were Andy Day (now a Cbeebies presenter) and James Farley. It was the hardest edinburgh ever. probably as it was my first one and was so overwhelmed by the size of it. […]