Jody Kamali: Comedian, Actor, Bristolian

‘The A – Z of Backpacking’

Performed at the Edinburgh Festival 2013. This show was an unexpected success. It was packed every night and on weekends, I was turning away up to 150 people! The show was a 2nd show to my main show ‘Livewire’ – I never put as much effort in as Livewire. I wrote the show two weeks before Edinburgh, previewed it twice in a hostel and up I went. I actually made a substantial amount of cash with this show through the joys of the Free Festival.

The show was based on my many years of travelling the world. It was very anecdotal, snappy and as physical as I could make it, adopting as many characters as I could. The ‘Backpacker’ shows of 2007 and 2008 were purely character based revolving around a story where as this was more ‘stand up’y’ talking directly to the audience.  I never considered myself a straight stand up, but this was straight as it could get for me and was a challenge that I enjoyed. This show also made me realise that character and physical comedy was what I was better at and put the show to bed after the show transferred to London for 3 nights in London in October 2013.


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